Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Episodic Stories

The workshop met last night and reviewed the last chapter of the first part of the novel. Reactions were generally very positive, with a lot of good points brought up that I will need to work on in editing. My big question for the group was: could the story stand on its own as the first novel in a series of three? The answer was a fairly emphatic "no." They did note that the character seems to have completed a story arc of her own, but the intrigue outside her is just heating up to the point that it would be unfair to drop the reader out of it. I can see the point, though I've known "first in a series" novels that did the same. Not as drastically, I suppose. So it looks like I'll keep up with Aya for a bit longer before considering her story complete.

I am taking a break, however, in order to try to write something for New Fables #2. And all of you should try too! Poems, essays, stories, anything that uses anthropomorphic animals to get its message across is welcome. Check out the mission statement and the first issue, if you can, and send something by December 15th to editor@sofawolf.com, or to me directly at tsusman@sofawolf.com.

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Rikoshi said...

I hope you're not upset at the fact that folks don't quite think that you've reached a stopping point, yet. I'd urge you to take it as a compliment, that the folks who are reading it are so caught up in everything you've been writing about that they feel compelled to see it through before setting it down.